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A Safer Community with Amity

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Of All House Fires

Unattended cooking is the leading cause of house fires.


More Likely to Die

Older adults (50+) are 2.5x more likely to die in a fire.


Fires at Multi-Unit Facilites

Cooking was the leading cause of all fires in multi-unit residences.


Cost of Fire Damage

Every house fire causes $24,000 in property damage.

Powered by Ome

Centralized Control

Manage all stoves on one dashboard with Master Off & Safety Lock capabilities.

Remote Access

Our Resident Dashboard allows you to monitor and control individual stoves remotely.

Reduce Damage By Fires

Our Smart Knob's automatic shut-off feature turns off the burner if left on accidentally.

Save Time & Money

Reduce your labor cost without sacrificing resident safety or service.

Instant Upgrade

With our easy to install Smart Knobs, turn an existing stove into a smart appliance in minutes!

Peace of Mind for Family and Caregivers

Our Family Share Plan allows family members to ensure their loved ones are safe.

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